Big Dick Dudley

Dudley was best known for his appearances with the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based professional wrestling promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling from 1994 to 1999 as a member of The Dudley Brothers.

Dudley began training with Johnny Rodz alongside Taz, and became one of the first students to graduate from the now infamous school in Brooklyn. He claimed his first professional matches came in late 1986 in Puerto Rico alongside fellow Rodz students and future ECW alumni Rocco Rock and Abdullah the Butcher. He returned to the U.S. after his tour of Puerto Rico and began wrestling on the East Coast independent scene under the name of Alexander the Great. While being a monster wrestler with a great physique, Rizzo rarely became the star attraction.

Dudley joined Eastern Championship Wrestling (ECW) in 1994. He entered just as the federation began to take off, breaking away from its National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) ties and becoming Extreme Championship Wrestling. This allowed him a chance to shine, and he took it, transforming into Big Dick Dudley, the man from Dudleyville, a creation he said was thought up between himself, Taz and Tommy Dreamer.

After Big Dick left ECW he would spend time in many different organizations over the next couple of years including the NAWA and making his Puerto Rico return for Carlos Colon’s WWC becoming a mainstay over the next few years wrestling the likes of a young Carly Colon, Abdullah the Butcher and the infamous Invader I.

On May 16, 2002, Rizzo was found dead in his apartment due to kidney failure, he was 34 years old.

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