Dominic Denucci

Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA retired professional wrestler and trainer better known for training wrestling students including Mick Foley, Shane Douglas, Cody Michaels, Preston Steele and Brian Hildebrand.

He made his pro wrestling debut in 1958 in Montreal as the Masked Marvel. In 1959, DeNucci started teaming with the original Dino Bravo as Dominic Bravo, the two worked as a tag team in Canada in The Maritimes, Toronto and Winnipeg. They also worked in Ohio and Buffalo. The team headed west for Calgary wrestling for Stampede Wrestling and would break there in 1962. DeNucci would keep the Bravo name until he left Stampede in 1963. He wrestled as Don DeNucci in the San Francisco territory in 1963 for a year. From there DeNucci went on to wrestle around the world until he landed in the WWWF in 1967 and stayed thru 1982 having great success. Leaving in 1987 DeNucci travelled around various independent promotions including the NAWA until his retirement.



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