In 1982, he joined the NWA Central States territory (which ran out of Kansas City and promoted shows in Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa). While in Central States, Hercules teamed up with Dewey Robertson, and the two won the Central States tag team championship on two occasions; they beat Mike George and Mark Romero both times.

He also held the Central States Television title for a little over six months, winning it from, and losing it back to, his main rival, Romero. His two other notable feuds in the Central States territory were with Manny Fernandez and Harley Race.

Hercules made his way to the northeast landing in the WWF but making a stop first in the NAWA where he held the Heavyweight Championship.

During his time in the WWF he was a member of The Heenan Family his contract was “sold” to Ted Dibiase which created a long feud with The Heenan family. Hercules eventually went on to team with Paul Roma to form Power and Glory who went on to win the WWF Tag Team Titles.

Hercules died on March 6, 2004.

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