Johnny Grunge (Johnny Rotten)

Johnny Grunge is best known for his appearances with Eastern/Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation as one-half of the tag team The Public Enemy with Rocco Rock. During `his career, Grunge held championships such as the ECW World Tag Team Championship and WCW World Tag Team Championship. Grunge debuted in 1987.

In 1993 in Woodbridge, New Jersey, Grunge formed a tag team in the UWF with Rocco Rock known as The Public Enemy. This was not the first time they had met though as The Public Enemy faced one another in Austria circa 1991, with Grunge (using the name “Johnny Rotten”) losing to Rock (using the name “Cheetah Kid” and was masked). Again using the name Johnny Rotten he appeared numerous times for the NAWA.

Grunge died at the age of 39 on February 16, 2006

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