King Kong Bundy

King Kong Bundy 6’5, 468lbs, Atlantic City, N.J. Debuted in 1981.Bundy was trained by Larry Sharp. Worked for WWE, NWA, WCCW, New Japan and the AWA. He held titles in MCW, Mid-South, Tag Titles with Rick Rude, NWA with Masked Superstar, WCCW with Wild Bill Irwin & Bugsy McGraw. During his time in the WWE, was part of the Million Dollar Corporation and The Heenan Family. He also major Feuds with Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, & Big John Studd.  King Kong Bundy was managed by Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, Skandor Akbar, Freddie Blassie, Harley Race, Slick, Paul Ellering, Big Daddy and Kenny Casanova. Was Fritz Von Erich’s retirement opponent in 1982 at Texas Stadium.

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