Manager Jim Cornette

Manager Jim Cornette 6’1, 231lbs from Louisville, Ky debuted in 1982. Known as a manager Jim has also been a booker, trainer, and commentator. Jim has worked for almost every major promotion including NWA, WCW, WWE, TNA, ROH, OVW, Smoky Mountain, MLW, WCCW, Mid-South, Continental Wrestling Association. Over the years we have seen Jim provide guidance in the corner of Midnight Express, Big Bubba Rogers, Heavenly Bodies, Yokozuna, New Midnight Express, Jeff Jarrett, Barry Windham and The Pitbulls. As one can imagine he has lined up many archrivals among them are Magnum T.A. Rock N Roll Express and Vince Russo. His mouth has gotten him into trouble many times one time led to a first in Pro Wrestling, the first ever Scaffold Match vs The Road Warriors. Jim has been inducted into many Hall of Fames; Pro Wrestling H.O.F. 2012, NWA H.O.F 2006, New England Pro Wrestling H.O.F. 2015 and the Cauliflowers Alley Club. He was the PWI Manager of the Year 1985, 1993,1995.

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