“The Godfather” Tony Capone

Tony Capone is a former International professional wrestler competing under the name “The Godfather” Tony Capone.

Capone was introduced into the industry by S.D. Jones and was trained by Jones & Bobby Bold Eagle. Capone received additional guidance and training with Mario Mancini who developed Capone’s skill into the wrestling star he is today., His in-ring debut was in 1985.

Capone worked for many organizations internationally as well as many US companies such as UWF (Herb Abrams), WWA, IPW, IWCCW, IWF, ICW, and WWF just to name a few.

Titles Held

IWF Super Heavyweight Championship

IPW Heavyweight Champion

WAW(DR) Intercontinental Champion

UWF Super Heavyweight Championship

NAWA Heavyweight Championship

Notable Feuds

One of Capone’s most notable feuds came at the expense of his former trainer Mancini, for whom he believed, took too much credit for Capone’s success. Other major rivalries included legends Ravishing Rick Rude as well as Ray “Hercules” Hernandez, who he battled and traded the NAWA Heavyweight Title with, and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. The rivalry with Snuka carried on for decades, including an event in September 2012 at a wrestling event held during the Mount Vernon Arts on Third Festival in Mt. Vernon, New York.


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